Did you Know? Valencia Central Market

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 Valencia Central Market

            Plaça de la Ciutat de Bruges, s/n, 46001 València.
  Opening times Monday – Saturday from 07:00-15:00.  Subway: Metro Xativa
Today I am going to show you around one of Valencia’s treasures, sometimes you need to be away, Berlin in my case, to look on the bright side and start appreciating more the city where you come from, because Valencia becomes more beautiful once you come back.
Valencia central market is one of the most symbolic places of the city, located in the city center between “la plaza del Mercado” and next to “La Lonja de la Seda” also a great touristic badge of the city.
The Construction of Valencia central market began in 1914 and was not fully completed until 1928. The style blends a modern Art Nouveau style but mirrors some of the architectural influences of nearby buildings such as the Gothic Llotja de la Seda and the eclectic Gothic-baroque church of Sants Juanes. It recognizes the power of iron and glass to allow the construction of open spaces.

Valencia Central Market

Magic of Spanish architecture, market dome,

Worldwide spices, بهارات من جميع انحاء العالم
Olives and different kinds of Olive oil,زيت زتون من عدة مناطق مختلفة في اسبانيا

 Olives, انواع متعددة من الزتون الاسباني بنكهات مختلفة

Valencia Central Market

It was fully renovated in 2004, and it has been used as a market since, the place is famous not only because of the quality and freshness of her products but also because of the friendly character of the market sellers.
Nowadays, Valencia Central Market it has a big impact in the touristic flow of the city, locals and visitors are bewitched by its charm, the products are fresh and high quality and also extremely attractive to the view, the products become object of desire of every visitor.
But buying groceries is not the only thing we can do in the Market, we can also eat and enjoy the place also restaurants where you can enjoy the food, the most famous one is Central bar by Ricard Camarena, a local cook with a Michelin star, in his bar we can enjoy amazing sandwiches, dishes and desserts elaborated with the best products of the market.

Besides in the façade of the market we can also appreciate the dishes elaborated with the best products of the market together with almost always present Spanish sun in the several terraces and restaurants around the market.

central bar by Ricard Camarena, Michelin star

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