Best places to have brunch in Ruzafa Valencia

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This post can not only be useful for those visiting Valencia for a short period of time but also for those living here. Those looking for a different way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning. Discovering a new side of the city and enjoying Brunch in Ruzafa Valencia.


As this text is related to Brunch in Ruzafa Valencia, here we go I am giving you three different places where you can enjoy a delicious Brunch for less than 10 Euros.

The most famous one “Dulce de leche”

Owned by Argentinians, this lovely place is famous for its dulce de leche (cream caramel) specialities.

If you like to live in the sweet side of life this will be the perfect place for you.

Brunch deal 5 Euros: includes a coffee with milk, two small croissants, speciality of the day, muesli with yogurt or orange juice (6 euros if you want both).
The place is deliciously simple and nice although some weekends you will need to fight to get a table because it’s usually crowded.
Lala Land”  the generous one.


If you are always hungry this will be your favourite one.
Lala land’s brunch includes speciality of the day, coffee, a croissant and a salad for the reasonable price of 5 Euros. 6 if you want to add an orange juice, and everything is fresh and delicious.
Lala Land has also a wide variety of cakes and sweets that enjoyable during your Brunch in Ruzafa Valencia.  It’s also opened during the night so you can even try it for dinner. 

“Bluebell coffee” my favourite

Bluebell coffee is my favourite of the three, this adorable place was my last discovery but from the very first visit became my favourite. It’s impossible not to have a crush on their inner terrace.
It’s the cutest and coziest I have ever been to.
Their speciality is the coffee which is absolutely amazing, you won’t even need to add sugar.
Although their brunch is a bit more costly also is the quantity and quality of the food, totally worth it.
Brunch includes: Speciality of the day, coffee, a sweet treat (fruity parfait) and a lemonade for 7. Euros, 8 if you want a mimosa cocktail (Champaign and orange juice).


Dulce de leche and Bluebell coffee upload their brunch menu for the weekend every Saturday morning so you can check and decide before going.
Any other recommendations?
Feel free to write me if you have any other advice.

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