Baan Chang Elephant Camp Chiang Mai Thailand

Baan Chang Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If I have to choose an experience during my stay in Thailand, without any shadow of doubt it would be the stay at Baan Chang Elephant Camp Chiang Mai Thailand. Home and shelter of elephants exploited by the tourism industry.

Before I travelled to Thailand I told you I was willing to approach to my favorite animal, in Baan chang  there I did not only I saw my dream come true but also all my expectations were overcome.

The guides at Baan Chang Elephant Camp Chiang Mai Thailand were amazingly friendly and helpful; also really punctual at pick up time at the hotel therefore the adventure started in a perfect way.

 (You only need to book at least one day in advance and they stop by to pick you up)

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Experience in Baan Chang Elephant Camp Chiang Mai Thailand

As a result one of the most beautiful days in my life, the experience was magical. I had the opportunity of living with elephants for almost two days, feeding, bathing them and ridding them through the jungle. To be honest, amazing part of this adventure in Baan Chang Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Was getting to know the Mahouts and his love for those animals. It really was a fulfilling experience.An elephant has the same life expectancy than a human being.  When an elephant is born he is assigned to a Mahout that will take care of it for a long period of time.

A Mahout normally spends 12 hour everyday with his elephant, they feed and bath them, they always know about their mood, if is moody and ill or healthy, happy and ready to play. The relationship between an elephant and his Mahout is magical, the visit is worth it if you want to learn more about those magnificent animals and their life style.If you are travelling to Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand) you love animals and you want to enjoy a unique experience you definitely should go there.



If you want to try this experience you can contact them in their website or by Facebook.

We spent two days in Baan Chang Elephants. Chiang Mai, Thailand with their Mahouts and also did a excursion in the jungle with rafting included.

Would you dare with something like that?

If want any advice please contact me, I will be happy to help.



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